Destiny Driven by Annette Rivers

There’s a leader within you, you’ve probably heard that said at least once. Annette Rivers is going to do more than just talk to you about the subject, she is going to give you the essential tools and outlook to successfully pull that leader to the forefront!

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Mastering Everything by Annette Rivers

You have worked hard to become everything to everybody. Invested time, finances and energy into solving everyone else’s problems but all your hard work has buried you into the bowels of other people’s issues. Isn’t it time to stop that? Isn’t time to dig your way out of the hole and find daylight in your own pursuits? In Mastering Everything (M.E.), Annette Rivers writes to communicate your situation and the potential challenges you face, providing you with a roadmap back to your own aspirations and dreams. She knows firsthand the result of investing too much into others and becoming lost.

Mastering Everything By Annette Rivers

Honor Thine Mother by Annette Rivers